More Bad Cyber Security News

More bad news in the world of cyber security! Canadian Underwriter brought to my attention a report published by Kaspersky Labs that shows that almost 40% of industrial computers suffered a cyber-attack last year.

The scariest part of this report is the sources of infection round-up which shows that the top 3 sources, dominating 40% of all attacks, came from either sources on the internet (bad links), removable media (USB keys) or emails. Despite the growing awareness of these common tricks used by bad guys, there are still major gaps in the system and they are still very effective.

sources of industrial system infection

It does help to validate the Fortify best practices of layering security products like OpenDns (kills bad links), Barracuda ESS (filters bad emails) and Symantec End Point Protection (scans unknown files). As one of our technicians reminded me yesterday, our layered approach to security means that the strainer barely stopping the flow of water gets a charcoal filter upgrade.

Stay safe online!