Allowing for growth and remote accessibility…


With 40 users, an aging technology infrastructure and an increasing need for remote accessibility, the client was faced with decisions on how to move forward with their technology. The ultimate goal was to create an environment that allowed for mobile and remote accessibility while improving business continuity and disaster recovery.


The client had a few different options available. Firstly, they could replace all in-house technology with new servers, upgraded software and obtain a support and maintenance contract. There was also the option to adopt a hybrid cloud solution which would provide email and file-sharing in the cloud while continuing to support their line of business application on premise. Finally, the client could choose to adopt Virtual Fortify Office (VFO247), which is a complete cloud solution that hosts all data, software and individual user desktops.


The client chose Fortify’s cloud solution VFO247. This provided the client secure access to their technology from anywhere over the internet delivering mobile synchronization of email, line-of-business application(s), file sharing, data storage, offsite backups and Fortify’s helpdesk support. VFO247 also enabled the client with an improved business continuity and disaster recovery solution in the event of any disruptions that may impede operations of the client’s facilities.

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