Mitigating connectivity and growth issues…


With 130 users, our client was faced with technology changes related to an increase in staff and the addition of multiple branches that required access to technology across Canada. The head office was also situated in a location that experienced frequent outages related to the Internet and power that impacted remote office connectivity and communications. Finally, the client also needed a strategy that supported planned acquisition growth.


Our client was faced with a few different options that would help to mitigate connectivity and growth issues. Firstly, they could keep their technology at their head office and invest in solutions to provide redundancy for improved uptime. There was also an option to migrate to a fully-hosted environment. Finally, there was the option to move and expand current technology into a data centre and migrate to Fortify’s partnered telephone solution.


To support multiple branch offices and planned acquisitions, our client decided to move their server infrastructure to a data centre facility. This resolved their head office connectivity and power issues that impacted all branch offices and home users and to support future growth. The client also decided to migrate from their current telephone solution to a hybrid cloud VoIP solution providing each office location to operate independently with centralized communications.

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