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Microsoft Teams: Office 365 is the tool for Modern Businesses

Microsoft announced Teams for Office 365 subscribers waaaay back in November 2016. A #Slack competitor at heart, but bundled into the Office 365 ecosystem. At first, I didn’t really understand […]

Sharegate explains how to use Office 365 Groups

One of the most exciting (but often ignored) features that Microsoft has been showing off in the last year has been Groups for Office365. Unfortunately, the topic is often conflated […]

More Bad Cyber Security News

More bad news in the world of cyber security! Canadian Underwriter brought to my attention a report published by Kaspersky Labs that shows that almost 40% of industrial computers suffered […]

Strong solutions from strong partners

Fortify continues to recommend strong solutions for customers by leveraging with best-in-class technology partners. This is demonstrated by the recent announcement from Microsoft that Office 365 has grown to over […]

Taking amazon offline

Reuters reported in November a large scale DDoS attack against Dyn which took large sites such as Salesforce, Reddit and Amazon offline. This is important to pay attention to because […]

What users should know about viruses, malware and other risks

Viruses, malware and other risks are a fact of life with respect to the Internet. It has, and will continue to be the proverbial “cat and mouse” game between those […]

Ransom encryption malware and what you should know

Stories of victims being infected with malware which encrypts important files and holds the keys for unlocking those files for ransom are being told almost daily now. This is due […]

Business continuity and disaster recovery

Business Continuity (BC) refers to the ability of an organization to maintain products and/or services and continue operations following some type of disruptive event. A Business Continuity or Disaster Recovery […]


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