Planning to get hacked

Canadian-Underwriter posted a fantastic article back in June covering a symposium hosted by Travelers Insurance and Economic Club of Canada. We would all do well to take note of the growing concerns regarding information security. Breaches and losses are coming faster and more frequently then ever with all the experts warning that this is just the start.


A few highlights from the article…

Awareness is crucial given that spear phishing – people clicking on an email attachment containing a malicious embedded link – is “the number one attack vector,” he reported. “Since we know this, we should plan for it and you should spend the money on training,” he advised.


Beyond awareness, training and planning, though, should also be the plan to fail. “Most of the issues come from errors and mistakes, not from hackers,” Echols said.


“If we use the best practices that currently exist, already on the books,” he argued that “we will kill 80% of all breaches.”

Echols’s advice? “Think about the worst thing that could happen and plan for it. Think about the lowest-level person in your organization that has access to your data, who has access to your systems and include them – as a matter of fact, make them a sentry, make them important in your organization,” he recommended

So many people are worrying out loud that hacking and data breaches are going to get worse. Are you doing what you can to protect your business?

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