Receive any suspicious emails or texts lately?

I just received the following alert from the bank requesting that we look into fraudulent activity 0n an account via text message. A quick search of RBC’s webpage brings up an entire page dedicated to these types of phishing scams. It’s a good reminder that security breaches are opportunistic and the bad guys are spamming everyone just looking for a hit.


From the RBC:

Always question any unsolicited emails or texts you receive and remember that RBC will never contact you by regular email or text messaging regarding problems with your accounts or services. We’ll never ask you to provide or confirm personal details or confidential information by clicking on a link, completing a form, or calling a phone number included in an email or text.

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Don’t fall for these text messages, voicemails or emails and practice good security habits online. Check out this article featured by Time back in February of 2016. These principals still apply today!

Stay safe online team!