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Request to Add a New User

This form is to be used when your company requires a new user to be setup to access your network. By submitting your response, a ticket will be generated with Fortify’s Helpdesk team. Once your request is reviewed, you may be contacted by Fortify to clarify details and/or to report that the request has been completed.

Please be advised that Fortify requires at least 24 hours’ notice from the intended start date for all new user requests.

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    1. Who is the authorized person submitting this request for a new user?

    2. Please provide the following information for your new user:

    3. Is this a new user or a returning user?

    4. Would you like for this user to be setup similarly to another user in your organization? Please indicate the name of the employee you would like for your new team member to mirror:

    5. Is there anything else that you would like us to know about this new user? Please include any additional notes below:

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