VFO247 – Security and Best Practice Reminder for Remote Work

As businesses continue to prepare and respond to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, there is an increased requirement for people to needing to make the transition to remote work. Fortify recognizes this need and will continue to support home users as they work to get connected to VFO247 remotely. We would like to share some friendly reminders that everyone should consider while they are working remotely

VFO247 Security Restrictions:

Screen Timeout:

  • Fortify has introduced a screen timeout length of 15 minutes. This means that should a user walk away from their desk and/or leave a session unattended, the VFO247/Citrix screen will  automatically lock. The user will be prompted to enter their VFO247 login credentials in order to resume their session.

Enhanced Internet Security:

  • VFO247 now includes an additional layer of security to help protect against malicious web content. In the event that a user attempts to access a site that is known to have a bad reputation, the site will be blocked. The user has the option to contact Fortify’s Helpdesk to report the site and request for the site to be placed on the ‘allow’ list. Please be advised of the following:
    • Site/content exceptions will be subject to approval from the management of your company
    • Fortify reserves the right to refuse access to any sites that may compromise the security and/or overall performance of VFO247 services

Best Practices for Remote Work in VFO247

While VFO247 enables your organization to easily make the switch to remote work, there are some best practices that we would like to remind you of:

Wired versus Wireless Access

Fortify recommends for all VFO247 connections to be facilitated via a hard wired connection either via the internet router or a port on their wireless access point. Wireless connections may present slower performance than the user is used to. Please be advised that Fortify will not troubleshoot performance issues (i.e. slow performance, disconnects, blank screens, etc.) for any connections being delivered over a wireless network.

Internet Performance

Access to business applications, video conferencing and VoIP, along with people at home watching Netflix, YouTube and other streaming services is resulting in new peak usage hours. Due to this  increase, internet services may result in slower connections and/or periods of timeouts.

Video Conferencing

It is recommended for all video conferencing and screen sharing services to be facilitated outside of your VFO247/Citrix session from your local desktop.

File Sharing Between Local Desktop and VFO247

Fortify recommends utilizing a secure file sync and share tool such as Microsoft One Drive to share documents between the local desktop and VFO247.


Fortify remains committed to offering our clients a professional level of service during the ongoing COVID-19 situation. We are receiving requests for users requiring assistance as they setup to  work from home for the first time and our Helpdesk Team will continue to triage support requests as they are reported and will apply best effort to address each issue accordingly. Fortify’s  Helpdesk support will continue to be available between 7:00am and 6:00pm EST. Please note that any support requests submitted after hours relating to remote connectivity will be addressed the following business day. If the after hours request is approved by the main contact, the service will be billable at a minimum of one (1) hour of After Hours Rates as per your VFO247 and/or Local Managed Services Agreement(s).


As a reminder, you can access our Helpdesk support via email at helpdesk@fortify.ca or by phone at 1.866.435.7717 and choosing Option 3.