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Fortify manages your technology so you can drive your business.

Fortify is a managed service and cloud services provider delivering best-in-class technology solutions. Fortify has designed, deployed and supported hundreds of networks for small and medium size businesses across Canada. Leveraging best practices, business-class products and leading edge tools, Fortify is committed to improving the client's technology experience.

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Ransom Encryption Malware and What You Should Know

Stories of victims being infected with malware which encrypts important files and holds the keys for unlocking those files for ransom are being told almost daily now. This is due partly to the increasing frequency of occurrence, partly because of the insidiousness of the activity, but, mostly because more and more entities are reporting they are actually paying the ransoms to unlock their files. This trend is being reported by individual users, medical institutions, government agencies, and most recently by educational institutions like the University of Calgary where they paid $20K to decrypt their files (

Since this type of ransom encryption malware (Ransomware as it is now called) has proven to be so profitable, more money is available to be poured into the development of bigger, better and more sophisticated ransomware. It has become so popular that Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) is now in the technology vernacular to reference the ability for less technologically advanced criminals to cash in on this new cash cow by using their resources to deliver the ransomware, receive payment (less a commission to the service provider of course) and arrange for the untraceable payment infrastructure without ever having to develop the ransomware. This malware juggernaut is not going away until there is no money to be made. People will refuse, or no longer need, to pay ransoms when they have taken the time to understand how it infects computers, how to protect against it as well as how to recover easily and successfully from an infection. more

Fortify sees an increase in the adoption of cloud services.

With the increased focus of businesses wanting the freedom to work from anywhere and to simplify their technology, Fortify has seen significant growth in the adoption of cloud services. Partnering with Rogers to deliver a high availability data centre environment, Fortify's private cloud solution, branded as Virtual Fortify Office 247 (VFO247), offers a flexible and cost effective alternative for Insurance Brokers. more

What users should know about viruses, malware and other risks

Viruses, malware and other risks are a fact of life with respect to the Internet. It has, and will continue to be the proverbial "cat and mouse" game between those who create these sorts of risks and those who build the solutions to help protect against them...…more

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Managing your Technology so you can drive your business!

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